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Achievements Fully Explained


This has been edited and taken from: Credits go to their respectful owners.

There's been a lot of questions on how to unlock achievements, as some of the explanations are vague, and some of the achievements can be quirky.

Please feel free to chime in on the ones we're still a little unsure about, post strategies for particular achievements, or ask for clarifications if required.

General Information

* You must be connected to LIVE (except training achievements)
* You must be in a game with at least 4 actual gamertags on each team (bots do not count, nor does a 5v3, 6v2, etc.)
* Team kills do not count towards achievements such as Ressurector, or the "kill" achievements such as Elf Bane, Popgun, etc.
* Achievements do unlock even if the server quits before the end of the game (and any progress made towards achievements is registered).
( * paraphrased from )
- Achievements can be earned in private matches that fulfill the above requirements, unless stated otherwise in the achievement description. That being said, achievements should be earned, not boosted.

Achievements Explained

100 Wins (100) Win 100 games during your Shadowrun career.
This means games, not individual rounds. [ unclear if joining a game in progress after several rounds have already passed would grant the win , though I assume it does ]

3 for the Price of 1 (25) Kill three enemies with one grenade.
Hint: use enhanced vision to look for tight groups of enemies.

Assistant (20) Get a 5:1 damage-to-kill ratio.
This means you dealt enough damage to kill "X" enemies but only killed "X div by 5" enemies i.e. you either had a lot of your kills stolen or a lot of the damage you dealt got healed. Under combat stats you can view your damage integer for that game. Shoot (no pun intended) for at least 5.0 with only 1 kill or a similar ratio (10.0 to 2, etc).

BFF (20) Play Public Match in a Party with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.
You need to party with someone playing on the opposite platform. Vista players on your friends list will have a PC icon next to their name.

Blowhard (10) Gust 5 enemies to their deaths.
Either gust them off a cliff or gust a smoked enemy to death. This is a career achievement (i.e. does not have to be completed in a single round/game). eck52 reported that shooting an enemy so they run off a ledge will also count towards this achievement. This has been confirmed by myself as I got this achievement in a game that I did not buy gust, but shot someone such that they fell to their death i.e. game reported "Xenocidic forced n00bface to fall to their death".

Brother From Another Mother (20) Perform a cross-platform Resurrection.
Cross-platform means a 360 player resses a Windows Vista player or vice-versa.

Healer (10) Save your allies with the Tree of Life.
Heal 50 pips with your Trees of Life in one round (per Vigor cA). Health is divided into rectangular blocks - a pip is one block of life. Healing you do to yourself doesn't count towards this achievement. Throwing a tree for teammates who are bleeding out is a good way to work towards this achievement (per mattinater). Also, try to be the dedicated tree-thrower for your team.

Heavy Smoker (10) Ignore a great deal of damage using Smoke.
You must be in smoke for a total of 60 minutes. (confirmed by Vigor cA). This is quite obviously a career achievement. Watch out for gusters! =)

Master Thief (25) Deliver the Artifact untouched despite heavy defense.
Score flag without taking damage and at least four enemies within 20m of the score zone (per Vigor cA).
tip from MaDzMaN , "Just try and do it on a map where there are various ways to get to the extraction point... I got mine on Maelstrom, i delivered it behind everyone by jumping up those 3 floating blocks that lead up to the VTOL..."

Mine Is The Superior Platform (50) Kill 100 players on the opposite platform.
If you are on 360, kill 100 Vista players and vice versa. If you're having trouble finding 100 Vista players to kill, why not try and borrow Shadowrun for PC from someone and kill 100 Xbox360 players? =) Alternatively, try to arrange a private match of at least 4 360 players vs 4 Vista players. This would not be considered boosting as long as the matches were played legitimately, i.e. both teams attempt to win, etc.

Resurrector (10) Bring back one hundred allies from the dead
Pro tip: Practice using the B-radial menu to quickcast and ressurect enemies even while under heavy duress. Hold down B, move the left thumbstick left, and upleft and pull the right trigger to cast ressurect. This way res does not take up a spot on your assigned buttons and you can still get that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being a good team player.

Runner (10) Carry the Artifact all the way to the delivery point.
You must pick it up at the start location and deliver it the whole way. You cannot pick it up mid-way or drop it and repick it up. If you're having trouble getting try using an elf with wired reflexes on the first round of extraction and just make a mad dash for the flag. Typically in the first round base defenses aren't shored up yet.

Small World (20) Play Public Match with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.
You should get this achievement without effort as long as you're playing public matches. Vista players on your friends list are indicated by a PC icon next to their name.

Teleporter (10) Teleport one hundred times.
This is a career achievement i.e. you don't have to do it all in one game.

That's One Frustrated Sniper (10) Block ten sniper shots with Wired Reflexes.
Wired reflexes has to be assigned to be active. It will attempt to block the shot on its own as long as you are facing the sniper. This is a career achievement.

That Was Close (20) Kill the Artifact carrier less than ten meters from the delivery point, and win the round.
You can either deliver the artifact yourself or eliminate the rest of the team , as long as you've fulfilled the 10 meter requirement. For our American brothers, 10 meters is about 33 feet.

Unstoppable (50) Kill ten enemies in a row without being killed.
This will carry over from round to round and webnerd has reported that it carries over from game-to-game. Many people report having a lot of trouble getting this one to unlock. According to the official achievement faq, only initial kills count towards this achievement (not ressed people on their second life). Once you kill 10 people on their first life without dying you need to not get killed until the game ends. Due to the initial kill requirement, I would suggest shooting for at least 15 kills and no deaths.

Well-Traveled (20) Play a Public Match on each map.
You must play both the small and large versions of the maps in order to unlock this achievement. Some claim that you must also win on each map, though I can't verify as I unlocked this achievement a while ago. This is one you shouldn't really stress about, it will happen on its own whilst you work towards other achievement. For a list of maps, go to matchmaking preferences.

You're Coming With Me (25) Avenge your own death!
This means you were ressed and killed the person who killed you, or you threw a grenade right before you died, and that grenade ended up killing them, or any other combination of you being killed and somehow killing that person after the game reports your death (in the same round). Killing someone who has made you bleed out will not count as you haven't actually died yet. Also note that if you kill someone else simultaneously i.e. you both shot eachother dead at the same time , it won't count.

Zombie Scores! (20) Deliver the Artifact while bleeding out
Your resser is killed by an enemy and you deliver the artifact before bleeding out and dying yourself. Does not work if you get mortally struck with a katana and then deliver it before dying, also seemingly will not work if your resser commits suicide or your initial death was a team-kill.

Weapon Achievements

As a new feature, I have included links below some of the weapon achievements. The linked threads provide advice on using that particular weapon.

Master Blaster (10) Kill one hundred enemies with the Rocket Launcher.

Popgun (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Pistol.

Sniper (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Sniper Rifle.

Summoner (10) Kill one hundred enemies with your Minions.

Tatter Tatter (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Rifle.

Target Lock (10) Kill one hundred enemies with SmartLink active.

Lead Hose (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Minigun.
Special Delivery (20) Kill one hundred enemies with Grenades.
Street Samurai (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Katana.
Shotty (20) Kill one hundred enemies with the Shotgun.
There haven't been any threads specifically on advice using the above four weapons, but when there are, I will add them to my link compilation thread here -

Notice the lack of SMG kill achievement...but for help on using the SMG, here's a link:

Training Achievements

For all the training achievements you need to do the bot match and you must win the bot match game. The difficulty setting does not make a difference. (Apparently you don't have to do the actual training, or so I've been told, I assume as a nod to the beta testers who wouldn't need training)

Chapter 1 Training (10) Complete Chapter 1 Training.
Chapter 2 Training (10) Complete Chapter 2 Training.
Chapter 3 Training (10) Complete Chapter 3 Training.
Chapter 4 Training (10) Complete Chapter 4 Training.
Chapter 5 Training (10) Complete Chapter 5 Training.
Chapter 6 Training (10) Complete Chapter 6 Training.

Obtaining all six training achievements will unlock the Troll gamer picture.

Racial Achievements

Dwarf Scourge (10) Kill one hundred enemy Dwarves.
Elf Bane (10) Kill one hundred enemy Elves.
Trollhammer (10) Kill one hundred enemy Trolls
Here's a link to a thread entitled "How to kill a..." for general advice on taking down a particular race or build:
Also visit my link compilation thread which has some links to threads of a similar nature
( )
Notice the lack of a "Kill one hundred humans" achievment... The reason for this is that humans are so overpowered that no one could possibly kill 100 humans in their lifetime. Nerf humans! ;>

The links below each of the following achievments are threads dedicated to playing that particular race

Dwarf Player (10) Play as a Dwarf for one hundred games.

Elf Player (10) Play as an Elf for one hundred games.

Human Player (10) Play as a Human for one hundred games.

Troll Player (10) Play as a Troll for one hundred games

Well-Rounded (20) Win a Public Match game as each race.

Secret Achievements Revealed

Shadowrun Fever (25) Catch it! "Teabagger achievement"
This is a viral achievement. You must kill and tea-bag someone who already has this achievement. Tea-bagging is standing on their face and pressing the left-thumbstick(crouch) thus making the ball-to-face connection. Repeat as desired for massive damage to the teabagged player's ego. Try not to get killed whilst teabagging as this will inevitably lead to a fierce teabagging retaliation. The devs started with this achievment, so that's how the fever got started. Virtual herpes 4tw! This achievement unlocks the FASA logo gamerpic. Some people have been having trouble getting this one. I'm pretty sure you have to actually have to be the person who scores the kill to teabag the infected person. And no, I'm not joking about this achievement =).

Triple Rez! (10) Resurrect three allies at once.
Fairly self explanatory. Note that you can move around while res is casting, if your teammates weren't considerate enough to die in a tight little bunch. You could also gust the bodies closer together. Benefits of ressing more than one person at a time is that it only holds the base amount of essence no matter how many people you res in one cast! P.S. Having res in attrition games is absolutely required. Please pick it up first round unless you're a troll.

Winning Streak (10) Win ten consecutive rounds.
This carries over game-to-game, obviously. Some have reported that if you are teamswitched whilst working towards this achievement you may have your counter reset. Also remember that the 4 v 4 actual gamertags rule has to be met during the whole streak or your counter will likely get reset.

Godlike (25) Kill all opposing players on other team without taking damage (at least 6 enemies).
Most suggest using the sniper rifle for this one. This achievement is quite difficult, but resist the urge to boost in a private match as others have done - Achievements are meant to be earned.

Master Gardener (25) Kill 5 enemies with strangle.
Strategies for this achievement include - mortally wounding an enemy with the katana and then laying strangle for him to die in. Alternatively, as RNA, use strangle to hold down the flag in raid, wait for them to teleport in (Power station works good for this one) and then shoot them up just enough to not kill them and let the strangle finish them off. In extraction, watch the flag, shoot up any potential grabbers and then lay down strangle to finish 'em off. Note the game must report that "Xenocidic killed n00bface with strangle"

Master Ninja (100) Inflict one hundred mortal wounds with the Katana.
Go through elf-training to learn how to deal a mortal wound. Your enemy must be unawares of your presence as indicated by the "?" (question mark) over their head. Arterial spray from the carotid artery is what you need to look out for to confirm you've dealt a mortal wound.
As far as I know, as long as you do land the mortal wound (i.e. you see them start to bleed out) whether or not that person dies by bleeding out, you or a teammates kills him, he gets ressed, or the round ends, you still get credit towards this achievement.
My strategy for earning this achievement was to use Elf, and purchase abilities in this order - Ressurect, Smoke, Enhanced Vision, Teleport. Res first to earn money and help your team, EV to scout the enemies and TP to get behind them. Smoke for escape.
dzs Awezome reported that this achievment can be unlocked by killing someone who ressed someone else - whoever they ressed will begin bleeding out and the game will count this as a mortal wound. This is proven by people who have unlocked this achievement without using the katana much. Confirmation of this by Decestation

That's all!

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Re: Achievements Fully Explained

I'd like to add that boosters in public matches tend to get dealt with very harshly. Some people will be apathetic but most times you'll end up cleared, teamkilled and voted out, rightfully so.
Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.
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Re: Achievements Fully Explained

I used to get messages about people hosting Shadowrun boosting matches, and my friend and I would just join and teamkill everyone. :-)
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Re: Achievements Fully Explained

I used to get those messages too but I'd just reply back with something to the effect of "I don't play with losers" and they'd leave me alone.
Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.