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Rebuild Shadowrun (Discord) [2016]

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Hello and I Hope you read everything! If you are sold without my story the discord link should be below, hope to see you soon!

So to start this off I want to share with you my story and who I am.

Hi my name is Steven! Now if you have ever played Shadowrun there is a good chance you would recognize one of my many tags! I have gone by the names: l Reaper l, ReaXtioN, BumJamas, and SJL (to be fair I have played for 8 years now ;D) I am currently 23 years old and though I have competed in several different games nothing seems to be at quite the same caliber as Shadowrun, and what’s crazy is that not a single one of my peers from other game ever disagree!

Here is my Story.

So I actually did not want to get Shadowrun initially. I was competing in Rainbow Six Vegas with my brother back in early 2007 and our friends told us about this new competitive title named Shadowrun. My brother wanted to play but I wasn’t interested but he insisted I give it a shot. Well as you can tell I fell in love and quickly found myself competing in Shadowrun. I started as a noob and climbed, and over the years I made a name for myself. Now that name I made for myself wasn’t always a positive one. I made just as many enemies as I made friends and I would formally like apologize to anyone I may have offended or upset because sadly there are a number of people. I haven’t stopped playing and since witnessed the competitive and casual communities dwindle down to a very select few over the past 8 years. And now here I am.

So I have been there through all Shadowrun’s high and low points and also have been a contributor! I have made lifelong friends through Shadowrun and also made many enemies I am still trying mend bridges with.

But let’s get to the point of this post.

I am going to briefly talk about Super Smash melee and its history to help get a point across. Now as many of you may know Smash, after being a popular game both casually and competitively, had died out years after its release but a few years after the community seemed to disappear the community as a whole came together and started rebuilding! Now today Smash sits as one of the most popular and most recognizable game titles to ever be seen in competitive and casual display! It is currently sitting in the largest Spotlight smash has ever seen, in other words the game came back and is now more popular than it was on release!

Now trust me, I am aware that Smash has always been a more popular title than Shadowrun across the board but here is the thing. GameCube’s are hard to come by, the game disk is hard to come by (this causes the console and game to cost a bit more), Smash does not have an online multiplayer (everytime you play smash you have to play on LAN). Xbox 360’s are a dime a dozen, PC’s aren’t going anywhere, copies of the game are dirt cheap, the game has a digital download, WE HAVE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER, we live in the most connected decade ever.

So let’s gets serious

I know in our community we are A. waiting for Backwards Compatibility B. waiting for a sequel C. hoping someone hosts a cash prize tournament large enough to gain exposure, etc. but all these things will be temporary at best! The one thing I know I have learned for sure in my long nerd career over several game titles is this. A game can be good because the developers made it that way but the only thing that makes a game great is the community that forms around it! Any game that has ran the greatest tournament, created the most entertaining content, pulled in the most numbers, just been damn amazing is because of its community!

This isn’t to be a depressing post but a motivating one! Shadowrun’s future doesn’t rest in the hands of Microsoft, of some rich guys waiting to run a tournament, someone making a sequel. It’s in our hands, we decide whether we sink or swim and if we do it right and truly work together we can put this game in a spotlight it has never seen before! We may not be counterstrike or League of Legends but I know Shadowrun can do so much more and I would be damn surprised to hear if you the reader hasn’t already hoped for that.

These are very ambitions notions I know but you really don’t know how much people talk about this game and how great it could be. We have fans everywhere that are convinced that if this game had the community it deserves that they would drop their games in a heartbeat. If you don’t trust me go talk to competitor in Halo right now. We are starting a shadowrun and we are asking for everyone who likes the game to come be apart of it. If you don’t own the game, if you have never played the game, if you play the game everyday, if you haven’t played in years you can support!

We are coming together on an app named Discord. It is a phone and computer app the is free to download. This app is meant for building Gaming communities and so far has been nothing short of amazing (I promise I don’t get paid to tell you this lol ). Until we move further in our process the best way to support is by downloading the app and joining the Shadowrun Server! You will be connected so that you can get every update, event, conent, etc. within the community asap! You can make friends and ask questions, or just simply hangout!
If you download the app you then make an account and after your last step is clicking on this link: This link is your invite to the group! That’s all and you are in!

We hope to see you soon and make sure your spread the word! #the-rebuild