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Shadowrun 101 - An introduction class

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This was made by TTU Vapor


Genre: First Person Shooter
Current price tag: $4.99 used at Gamestop. Walmart also sells brand new copies for under 30 bucks. has cheaper prices too.

Key features:

1. Features party-system
2. Features matchmaking - note that if you're a party of 2 you will most likely be on the same team going into a public match...however parties of 3 or more will result in a split the first game and then second game the system will try to bring your party back together. I know this sucks...but it is what it is.
3. Halo CE-style aiming. There is bloom on almost all of the weapons and some weapons require you to be stationary to fire accurately.
4. Counter-strike-style buy system of weapons, technology, and magic. The more rounds you win, the more money you earn, thus the more stuff you can buy. This goes for kills too...which equate to more $$$.
5. Learning curve. There is a learning curve and it's typically much higher than most shooters you've ever played on console. Don't let this scare you. Complete the training chapters in the game and you will be one step closer to understanding the game. The more pubs you play and the more people you play with that know the game, the faster you will become better at the game. On could take you up to a day's worth of playing to understand the game completely. This is my opinion...not fact.
6 Community SR's community is very friendly and very helpful. Use MLG's forums to make friends and find other SR players to play with and help you learn the game.
7. Bots The game features bots for use in training yourself to learn the game. This is a great feature to get the basics down before getting into real matches. This also allows you to learn the game at your own pace. Take advantage of this feature. Note you do not have to be online to use bots.
8. Gametpes used in MLG are Extraction and Attrition These gametypes are Team deathmatch based games. Attrition is your basic kill the other team before they kill your team. Extraction is your objective based game where you either kill the other team or score the objective in their base. Players have one life, however, there is a feature called "Ressurect" in the game which allows players to "revive" other players and they come back to life. If you've played GOW, you should know how this works.
9. Class-based characters Much like Team Fortress Classic...SR uses 4 different races of characters to choose from. Each character has their own strengths, health, speed, and essence (MAGIC meter). As with each character, weapon/magic/tech choices apply to each character. Anyone can buy anything...however some characters are better equipped with specific weapons/magic/tech.
10. Shooting Don't let the media fool you. The shooting portion in this game isn't the only factor you need to know how to do in this game. Shooting however is different with each weapon. IE: Pistol works kinda like the Halo CE pistol...but with more bloom. Rifles use recoil and bloom in the crosshair, so it's tough to run n gun with this weapon. SMGs use both bloom and recoil, but it's possible to run n gun with this weapon. Snipers practically force you to be stationary in order to be successful. Most new players to the game simply run n gun the weapons and you must train yourself to think outside the box and NOT do that.
11. Settings - There aren't any options in terms of setting up a match other than how many players you want to allow and whether Karma is off or on. Karma is something that kicks in when a team is getting out-played. There are debates whether this should remain on or not for competitive play...for now it remains on.
12. Maps - game features lots of maps of various sizes. Each map has two gametypes tied to it and only those gametypes can be played on those specific maps.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are people in pubs buying katana or glider first round? Isn't that bad?
A. Chances are you've come into a pub where people are playing for achievements or they are just simply buying what they feel they have fun with. The best thing you can do is either verbally (nicely too btw..dont be rude) tell the player a reccommendation of what to buy. IE: Pub elves rarely buy rez. Encourage them to buy it.

Q. I've been rifling this guy over and over and he doesn't seem to die...what gives?
A. Chances are you're missing your shots and you don't know it. may be experiencing some lag...but for the most're just missing your shots. With the rifle, you need to be patient and fire at a good pace. Figure out how many shots each race takes with a rifle...Ryannator's Guide explains this.

Q. What are clicks?
A. Clicks are a term that SR players say when they need money from a teammate. If you hear someone saying "I need 1 click", ask who it is and then click team in the buy menu and click on their name, it will give them money. This is further explained in the Ryannator Guide.

Q. How do I set my preferences so that I get MLG maps/gametypes?
A. You need to go into your preferences in-game and click the appropriate gametypes and maps. The latest gametypes/maps are: Attrition - Lobby (Small)
Attrition - Lobby
Attrition - Nerve Center (Small)
Attrition - Nerve Center
Attrition - Pinnacle
Attrition - Power Station
Extraction - Nerve Center
Extraction - Pinnacle
Extraction - Lobby

Q. This guy keeps team-killing me...makes me so mad!
A. Vote the guy out. Click on the guy's name in the scoreboard by pressing the back button and vote him out. Hopefully your teammates will kick him out. Funny, considering I'm a teamkiller. - Repulscious

Q. Is it too late to get into this game?
A. No. It's never too late. This game takes a lot practice, but anyone can do it...and if you're decent at shooters, you'll be one step closer to learning the game.

Q. Where can I get help? I'm new.
A. There are many pros and vet players that will be glad to help you. You need to add them. The adopt a noob thread is a good place to start. There's also other threads where people list their gamertags. Best thing to do is just start adding people...don't wait for them to add you.

Q. Why do I continue to take hits as I am turning around a corner?
A. First off, Shadowrun uses client-side hit detection. Depending on the connection you have with the host...a bad one will show you still taking damage as you round a corner, etc. Either back out and find another game, or if you're in a pvt match...let people know and maybe they will change hosts.

Q. Does Wired Reflexes make your bullets fire faster?
A. No. Wired does not have an effect on how FAST your gun fires.

Q. How can I knock a player out of the round?
A. Knocking a player out of a round is known as "clearing" them. The standard way to clear a player is to kill them after they've already been resurrected, their body will disappear and they will remain out of play until the next round. In Extraction, once you kill a player, you can shoot their bodies until they disappear (a body will have the same amount of HP that it has when the player is alive). In Attrition, you can pick up the Artifact and smack the bodies until you deal enough damage to destroy it. (answers by Mazhin)

Q. Can I be hurt while in Smoke?
A. Yes, there are two ways to be hurt while Smoked up. The first way is if another player hits you with Gust. The other way is if you get smacked by a player that's holding the artifact. (Answers by Mazhin)