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Tournament Rules

Lobby (Small) Attrition
Nerve Center (Small) Attrition
Pinnacle Attrition
Power Station Attrition
Lobby Extraction
Nerve Center Extraction
Pinnacle Extraction


1. Only 1 Substitution allowed per team per round. The 2 teams will decide amongst themselves if the sub is similar in skill. If there is a dispute, the one of the referees will decide who is an acceptable sub.
2. No players may play on PC. If you want to do a check, then tell all players in the match to say something on their Mic. If they refuse to say anything on their mic then they will forfeit the match.
3. All players must use their registered gamertag. If a player has 2 accounts, then he must notify in the teams staff that the player has another gamertag.
4. The top seeded team (the team that is on top) will get to choose from the following options:
a) Host
b) RNA Spawn
c) Lineage Spawn
5. The team that loses gets to pick from those same options.
6. Karma is allowed. If the team hosting the room has Karma turned off, they will forfeit the game (not the match though)
7. Referees are Siris, PlayShadowrun, and Bloody El. We handle all conflicts that happen in the tournaments. Post a pm, XBL message, or in the chatbox.

If teams are meeting for the second time, then they will play a best of 7 series like prior tournaments.

Example Best of 3 Series 1:

Lobby Attrition
Pinnacle Extraction
Nerve Center Attrition

Series 2 (now Best of 7) would be:
Lobby Extraction (Map played least recently but on Extraction)
Power Station Attrition(It was the map that hasn't been played)
Nerve Center Extraction (Last extraction map)
Pinnacle Attrition (last map)

This part is now more confusing. Contact an admin if you have questions regarding this.

Disconnection Rules:

If the host of the game lags out, then the game will be reset with the host team forfeiting the round that was played and forfeit the host for the map (Example: If the team with host has a 4-2 lead and it is in the middle of round 7 when the game disconnects, then they will forfeit the round)

If the scenario above is true, then the host team would then of course have to give up host for the game (note: not series, round). Also, since the team was leading 4-3, then they will start the game up by as many round as they were leading (in this case, the game would start with a 1-0 lead for the team that originally had host)

How is that done appropriately? The team would throw grenades at the ground to commit suicide, thus losing the round. Neither team is allowed to pick up the artifact for extra money. Lets keep this as simple as possible!

(Protip: Have one person hand out money to everyone else, and then have that same person commit suicide. Once he does that, everyone else hand their money back to the person who committed suicide first, then commit suicide. That way, no one loses money by friendly fire)